Diversification allows for a more globalized comprehension of the environment.”

Ramon Benedito

Formed in Barcelona by Ramon Benedito and Maite Prat, Benedito Design has been dedicated to product design and development since 1973. In 2004 joined the studio the second generation, the architect Gae Benedito. She is in charge of advanced projects and monitoring the latest tendencies, in collaboration with the designers and technical engineers who are part of the team.


Benedito Design’s primary focus is the design of electronic and computerized appliances, technical and scientific instruments, machines and tools, lighting, domestic objects, elements for installations and construction, packaging and furniture. In the course of Ramón Benedito’s trajectory, concepts of semi-artesanal design have coexisted comfortably with those of the latest technology, projects of small dimensions with those of high investments, experimental design processes and projects have been linked as much with traditional uses as products conceived for new utilities: since the beginning of his professional life he has developed under the mark of diversity.


Ramon Benedito is FERMAX worldwide industrial design partner since 1975. Founder member of TRANSATLÀNTIC, an experimental design team, wi th Lluis Morillas and Josep Puig. In 1992 he received the National Award for Design. He regularly collaborates with the different institutions linked with design. He was a member of the Consejo Directivo del FAD, of the junta of the ADP, President of the Junta Directiva de ADI-FAD, member of the Patronato de la Fundación BCD, of the Scientific Committee of the IED and the KIDP Korean Institute of Industrial Design. In June 2010 Ramon Benedito was nominated General Manager of the “Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitaria”, position that he holds until August 2016, and between February 2017 and March 2021, he has been President of the foundation’s board.